TOP 20 places in the Krkonose Mountains

Discover the TOP 20 places you should definitely not miss when visiting the Krkonose Mountains.

Experience the Krkonose Mountains to the fullest

From fascinating historical monuments to breathtaking nature. A diverse landscape full of unique natural beauty and places steeped in stories is guaranteed to enchant you and leave you with an unforgettable experience.



The EPO1 Contemporary Art Centre is the largest private gallery in the Czech Republic. It focuses on Central European contemporary and modern art.

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Stachelberg Artillery Fort and Eliska Viewing Tower


The largest modern fortress in Czech Republic offers an excursion to the underground passages and the fortresses on the surface. You can also see the whole area from the Eliska lookout tower.

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Dvorsky forest


A rare, protected area with remnants of the so-called beech forest. A mysterious place full of stunted trees twisted into bizarre shapes.

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Unique town hall with giants


The square and the whole Hostinne are guarded by two giants on the town hall tower. Visit the information centre underneath and let yourself be invited to wander through the kingdom of giants - a walk through the interesting places of the town.

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Krkonose Tree Top Trail

Janske Lazne

The treetop trail will show you how the nature of the Krkonose Mountains is unique. You will get to know the beautiful local forests literally from their roots to their crowns.

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Cernohorske Peat Bogs

Janske Lazne

The largest upland peat bog of the Krkonose National Park covers an area of 72.04 ha. You can reach it along the nature trail.

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From Pomezni Boudy to the Church of St. Peter and Paul

Mala Upa

Walk through the meadows of the Krkonose Mountains to the Church of St. Peter and Paul and experience a piece of authentic Krkonose landscape.

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Pec pod Snezkou

The most imposing mountain north of the Alps and east of the Carpathians. This is the highest mountain of the Czech Republic, Snezka, measuring 1603 metres.

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Zaly Viewing Tower


The oldest stone lookout tower in the Krkonose Mountains was built by Count Harrach. Enjoy the unlimited circular view.

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Museum of the Krkonose Mountains


The building of the former Augustinian monastery is the new visitor centre of the Krkonose National Park. The interactive exhibition documents the story of the Krkonose Mountains, both with regard to the unique nature and in relation to the coexistence of nature and man.

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The Jizera Pacific

Pojizersky Pacifik is a railway line in the direction Martinice v Krkonose - Rokytnice nad Jizerou. It runs along the valley of the Jizera River and invites you to take a ride and plan trips from individual stations.

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Jilemnice Palace


The Renaissance chateau from the 17th century serves for rich and interesting expositions of the Krkonose Museum. Take a look inside the count's chambers or explore the history of skiing.

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Hanc and Vrbata Monument

Vitkovice v Krkonosich

Pay tribute to one of the most powerful stories of the Krkonose Mountains at Zlate navrsi. The monument commemorates the tragic race in which skiers Bohumil Hanč and Václav Vrbata died on 24 March 1913.

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The Source of the River Labe, Elbe and Pancava waterfall 

Spindleruv Mlyn

The symbolic source of the Elbe is located at an altitude of 1386 m above sea level in the form of a stone cliff. The nearby Labsky and the iconic Pancavsky waterfall, the longest in the Krkonose Mountains, are also worth a visit.

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The production of beaded Christmas decorations in Ponikla has a tradition of more than a century. If you are interested in how the ornaments are born and why the unique production process has been listed by UNESCO, take a tour of Rautis.

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U Borovice Viewing Tower

Vysoke nad Jizerou

Climb 70 steps and enjoy the view of Jested, Bezdez, Jizera, Stepanka, Kozi Hrbety, Zaly and Benecko. You will also see the outlines of the Eagle Mountains or Kozakov.

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Hlidka na Strazi Forest Park with Viewing Points

Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Four original viewpoints - FOX, BEAR, SHEEP and MOUNTAIN, will give you breathtaking views of the city, the surroundings and life in the forest.

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Mumlava Waterfall


The 10 m high waterfall is located 1 km above Harrachov. It is the widest among the Krkonose waterfalls and boasts the largest volume of water flow.

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Novosad & Son Glassworks and Micro-brewery


Glass has been blown, cut and ground in Harrachov for more than 300 years. Take a look under the glassmakers' hands during the excursion.

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Stepanka Viewing Tower


It is situated on the border of the Jizera Mountains and the Krkonose Mountains and offers a magnificent view of both mountain ranges.

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Bosun's Tip - The Czech-Polish Friendship Trail

Beautiful views of the Czech Republic and Poland, the highest ridge parts of the Krkonose Mountains and unique places - that's a summary of what the Czech-Polish Friendship Ridge Trail offers.

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