The Jizera Pacific

Along the Jizera Pacifik train line towards trips

Enjoy a ride through the Jizera Valley

We invite you to take a ride along the local railway called the Jizera Pacifik, whose tracks have been winding like a decorative ribbon through the western Krkonose Mountains for century.

Set off along the rails towards unusual experiences

During the summer months, the track comes alive, especially on weekends. Take advantage of special rides, plan adventurous excursions through the western Krkonose Mountains, and let yourself beeing guided through the unique railway station in Martinice v Krkonosich. 

Nostalgické jízdy na trati Pojizerský Pacifik

A track full of stories

What exactly is the Jizera Pacific?

The common name of the local non-electrified monorail line 042 from Martinice v Krkonosich to Rokytnice nad Jizerou. It is just over 20 kilometres long. Except for the initial section, it skirts and crosses the Jizera River. If you pay attention, you will find many bridges, footbridges and culverts along the line. They make the line even more picturesque. 

Currently, passenger transport on the line is provided by RegioNova two-car motor units. They depart from the station in Martinice at regular two-hour intervals. They end in Jablonec nad Jizerou, and only occasionally go to Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

 Time table

Explore the Railway Station in Martinice v Krkonosich

Enter the tracks of the Jizera Pacifik through the unique passenger building in Martinice. The railway station, built in 1871, is the highest station on the line and also its most important monument. 

And what makes it so special? 

Real people, train dispatchers and signalmen, run the traffic here. They use mid-20th century signalling equipment - mechanically operated signals and points. You would hardly find a similarly well-preserved and, above all, functional railway station complex, including a beautiful passenger building and the original relief of the track, in the Czech Republic. Persuede yourself about that during a guided tour, as the Railway Museum opens here on weekends from May to October.. 

More about the Station

Go on a trip along the line

You can take a train ride along the line all year round, it runs back and forth every day, leaving from Martinice or Jablonec every 2 hours. Beware - it only goes to Rokytnice once a day. The train brings you comfortably closer to interesting places in the western Krkonose Mountains. You can park your car directly at the railway station in Martinice or Jablonec, you will not need it for further travelling. 

Where will you get off and what will be your destination?

Tips for Trips

Enjoy special rides and a family programme

On four summer weekends, special nostalgia trains run along the line. You'll know a roaring steam locomotive by the plume of steam and soot from a distance. Or would you rather hop on a small engine with the fairytale name Hurvinek? The Krkonose Railway Weekends will take place this year on 13-14 July, 27-28 July, 10-11 August and 24-25 August 2024.

The Saturday rides will also be enriched by a special family programme. Children's theatre and competitions will take place right on the station platform. Meet Count Harrach in person and listen to his stories about the Krkonose Mountains. Guides from the Railway Museum will be at your service. What's missing for perfection? Nothing. The station café with homemade goodies, sausage on a tray and in a roll, draft beer and coffee for a song will also be open...

Try the train game in the best company

Are you travelling with children? Print out or pick up the new Ride with the Count game at the station. Count Jan Harrach himself will be guiding the children along the line, and they will get to know him in a short comic strip. Play the fun games on the go, and leave some for home so you don't miss the views out of the window. Solve ciphers, tell stories, observe the scenery outside the window, make guesses and compete. 

The game can be picked up at the railway station in Martinice and at the information centres in Jilemnice, Vrchlabi and Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Ride with the Count

Historický vlak v Jablonci nad Jizerou

And progress has arrived on rails...

The local line Martinice v Krkonosich - Rokytnice nad Jizerou is one of the most tangible traces of Count Jan Harrach in the region. The construction of the railway, which he initiated and promoted in 1898, opened the Krkonose to industrial progress and tourists. 

Progress literally arrived by rail! The journey from Martinice to Rokytnice took two and a half hours by stage... A steam train covered the same distance in 44 minutes at the beginning of the 20th century. And it carried many times more cargo and people.

More about the Harrach family