Regional Products

Regional Products

Products and experiences linked to the region

You can find products and experiences marked with the special logo stating ‘Krkonose – Original Product” in the Krkonose. What is behind this mark? It is mostly the quality and local provenance!

The Krkonose – Original Product

Guarantee of Quality

If a product is so marked, this means that it has undergone a strict certification process which guarantees to the customer that the product was manufactured in relation to the Krkonose and can therefore proudly contribute to the region’s reputation. It also means that the product is certified as high-quality and environmentally friendly. These products are made using traditional technology, hand-made or from local raw materials, and you can be sure you won’t buy anything similar in a supermarket.

The Krkonose – Original Product mark is one of the ways to combine nature protection with human activities. A souvenir produced manually and from local raw materials will certainly please everyone. By buying it, you will help local manufacturers who keep old crafts alive. These are craft which go hand in hand with the local countryside and way of life. Whether you want a small present, something nice, something practical, or good on your plate, you will be sure to choose something good with this mark.


Certified regional products

Krkonošská pivní stezka

Certified experiences

The Krkonose – Original Product mark is awarded by the MAS Krkonose (the Krkonose Local Action Group).