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Discover the Krkonose Mountains, their unique beauty and nature. Try this skiing paradise with modern resorts and the longest downhill tracks. Ski along groomed white cross-country tracks. Experience the romance of enchanting snow-clad mountains. Play some sports, take a pause and relax. Come and learn about the Krkonose towns and villages, offering a wide range of activities and services. Enjoy a pro-active and comfortable holiday in the highest Czech mountains.

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News from the Krkonose

Government measures for the operation of ski resorts are valid from 22 November 2021. Certain measures may be subject to change before the start of the ski season at the discretion of the government.

Krkonose in Winter

Mountains of Experience

They are the highest, the most frequently visited, the only mountains with an alpine character and an incredibly diverse nature. You can see steep glacial corries as well as extensive mountain meadows, rocky ridges as well as picturesque little valleys lined with timbered houses. Listen to the roar of waterfalls and the mysterious silence of moors and small peat bog lakes. And then there is Mount Snezka, the majestic queen of the mountains, which oversees the whole of her demesne with dignity.