Sledge track from Erlebachova chalet

Sledging in the Krkonose Mountains

Sledging in the Krkonose is a spontaneous activity. You just walk up a hill and ride down. This sport can therefore be enjoyed on every hill and on various slopes. When there’s a lot of snow nobody maintains the slopes. Your safety is thus not guaranteed. Children must be supervised and safely caught at the bottom, if necessary.

Below you will find a few tips on suitable sledding sites in the Krkonose. For more information, visit the Krkonose information centres.

We do not recommend sledding on downhill runs. They often tend to get icy and sledges and sleighs may easily go out of control.

Sledge track Spindleruv Mlyn

Špindlerův Mlýn - From Spindlerovka

You can enjoy an almost 4 km long descent on a paid sledge track from Erlebachova chalet to the Divci lavky intersection. A bus will take you from the centre to Erlebachova chalet at 1208 m a.s.l. The descent runs mostly along a forest path which is groomed every day. The track is almost 4 km long and ends at the Divci lavky intersection in the Bile Labe river valley. You have to walk to get back to the centre. The track features lights and thus can be enjoyed in the evening, too.

Sledge track Spindleruv Mlyn

Another option is to ride down a trail leading from Petrova chalet via the former Davidovka downhill run (going by bus to Spindlerova chalet) or along a mountain road, used for skiing in winters, from Medvedin hill (taking a chairlift up the hill) toward Horni Misecky, where you can use the “Waterpipe” downhill course back to Spindleruv Mlyn.

Besides these two tracks, family sledding can also be enjoyed at Hradecanka chalet in Bedrichov.

Cernohorska sledge trail

Janské Lázně - Cernohorska sledge trail

This trail begins at the upper cable car station on Cerna hora Mountain and its first part follows the road from Janske Lazne to the mountain top. After a short straight part, the trail turns left under the cable car, crosses the Black downhill run, continues through a forest strip and reaches the first Red downhill run under the ski lift. It crosses the run into a forest and the second Red run and begins to turn right at the edge of Klausovo valley. At the end of this more than 3 km long ride you cross the ski lift again and finish at the lower cable car station, where the downhill runs meet. This route is called Zvonkova (‘Bell Road’) by the locals and was used by mountain folks on horned sledges a century ago. The tinkling of bells was a warning signal that a big sledge was approaching. This sledge trail is 3.5 km long and will take you down more than 500 m from the summit of Cerna hora Mountain. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cernohorska sledge trail

Bobování v Krkonoších

Sledging on hills

Kam vyrazit za spontánní bobovačkou, pokud to zrovna nejde před domem? Poradíme, ale prosíme, buďte ohleduplní, dbejte na bezpečí sebe a svých dětí a parkujte jen na místech k tomu určeným. 

Cerny Dul

  • Hrbitak Hill: Formerly a skiing hill next to the local graveyard.

Pec pod Snezkou

  • You can take a cable car to Ruzova Mountain and enjoy a downhill ride via Ruzohorky chalet and Portasky chalet to Pec pod Snezkou or Velka Upa.
  • Take a cable car to Hnedy hill and ride down to Pec pod Snezkou via Lisci meadow and Lesni chalet.

Mala Upa

  • Yellow trailThis trail runs from Jelenka chalet down the yellow-marked tourist trail. It is used for delivering supplies and is groomed with a snowcat or a skidoo towing grooming equipment. You have to walk to Jelenka chalet or anywhere near it. The whole trail is 4 km long and ends at the main road for Pomezni Boudy, near the former Hybnerka ski lift. It is not steep except for a few shorter passages and thus is suitable for families with children, although older children may use it alone. It is a somewhat remote place.
  • Blue trail: This trail begins near the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Dolni Mala Upa and follows the blue-marked tourist trail which ends at Spaleny Mlyn. It is a skiing route, often used by sledgers, cross-country skiers and hikers. A local snowcat or skidoo groom it. It is 2 km long and you have to get to it on foot from Spaleny Mlyn or by a ski bus to Moravanka chalet, from where you take a short walk to the church. The trail is not steep and children can use it alone. It is a more frequented trail as it leads to the nearby chalets and guesthouses.


  • The slope from the forest park in Trutnov on a so-called para-track from the wooden summerhouse towards the town. It is a quiet place where you can have a barbecue.

Rokytnice nad Jizerou

  • Family sledding is possible in the Modra Hvezda premises, which also offer a glide and a small refreshments stall.


  • You can sledge down many meadows around here at your own risk. We also recommend the road from the Zaly viewing tower to the Zlata vyhlidka hotel in Benecko.


  • The smallest sledgers can use the palace park, where they can ride down a small hill and also feed the ducks in the pond there. Sledding, sleighing and sliding is also possible at the Vejsplachy sports resort, but it is better to avoid groomed cross-country tracks, often with artificial snow. Another place to sledge is the concrete road on Lisci hill.