Krkonose Beer Trail

Krkonose Beer Trail

A unique experience in the Krkonose, combining sports and gastronomy

The beer trail has already been closed for the 2023 season

Feel free to try a unique experience combining sports and gastronomy! The Krkonose Beer Trail is again open and combines the most beautiful parts of the Krkonose with excellent beer. It is an ideal programme for a weekend with your friends. Everything is ready and planned for you, so you just need to hit the countryside and enjoy yourselves!



Krkonose Beer Trail

Choose one of two different trails

We recommend that you take the trail over two days, as it will give you more time to spend in each location and enjoy the views as well as the beers.

We have prepared two different trails, but feel free to set up your own route.

Collect Stamps and Win a Prize

You certainly won’t need too much persuading to try all the beers. It is the only way to find the one you will like most. On top of that, you can take part in a contest for great prizes.

For every beer you drink, you will get a stamp in each location, and if you collect all five stamps, you will get a special bottle opener at the final brewery. And if you manage this during the summer, over a weekend, or even in just one day, you can take part in a contest for valuable prizes. Just leave your name and e-mail or postal address on the flyer with all the stamps.

U pivovaru Fries

Participating Breweries

On Krkonose Beer Trail, you will be able to taste unique beers from local breweries, each with an original taste and its own story. It is the brewer who will tell you the story as most of these breweries can be visited on a guided tour and the production process can be seen.

Hotel Friesovy boudy

Fries beer is brewed from Czech malt and hops and uses high-quality water from a spring which rises near Friesovy chalet. This water gives the beer from this micro-brewery a unique taste and colour.



Trautenberk Brewery

Trautenberk is one of the Krkonose’s newest micro-breweries. It was built at Mala Upa 87, a former Tippelt chalet, known later as the Druzba hotel. The beer is not pasteurised or filtered. It is fresh, has bite and is as bitter as it should be.



Pecký pivovar Brewery

Try Snezka beer in Krkonose’s beautiful environment. Four types of beer are offered with different alcohol content (‘degrees’) and taste. A high-precision production process is used, especially as regards cleanliness, correct temperature, quality of the ingredients, length of fermentation and quality of the bottling process.


Hendrych Brewery

The story of this micro-brewery started as the dream of a family company which makes excellent Czech products. It took some time for the ideas and plans to work out. In 2012 preparations were complete and in September the beer was introduced to the market. High quality has been of utmost importance since then – full, bitter and specific. You can try the beer at Friesovy chalet.


Pivovarská bašta Brewery

The main type of the local beer, called Medved (which translates as ‘Bear’), is a traditional Czech-type 12-degree light lager, brewed in the traditional three-mash way, owing to which Pilsen-type Czech beer gained its worldwide renown and became unique. Its intense yet fine bitterness comes from Saaz semi-early redbine hops, a traditionally grown Czech variety.


Krkonose Beer Trail