Krkonose Beer Trail

The Krkonose Beer Trail route

Get to know five Krkonose microbreweries on a 30km route that will take you through the beautiful parts of the highest Czech mountains. You can also expect challenging climbs, you will simply get fit and enjoy active relaxation.

We recommend you to plan your hike for whole weekend, start on Friday evening and enjoy it to the fullest with overnight stays in mountain chalets. If you don't want to do it for three days in a row, it is also possible to spread the trail over several days from spring to autumn.  

All about the beer trail

The route

Horni Mala Upa - Spaleny Mlyn - Portasovy boudy - Ruzohorky - Pec pod Snezkou - Richterovy boudy - Vyrovka - Chalupa Na Rozcest - Klinovka - Friesovy boudy - Strazne - Vrchlabi

How to experience the Krkonose Beer Trail


Friday - to Mala Upa

Park your car in Vrchlabi, where your route will end again on Sunday. At 16:08, a direct bus departs from here to Horni Mala Upa, directly to the first stop of the beer trail - the Trauntenberk Brewery. Make yourself thirsty now for the beer of the same name - refreshing, bitter and just right. You can stay in comfortable rooms, in a cimera for a group of friends or in a sleeping bag.


Saturday - via Pec pod Snezkou to Friesovy Chalets

The most beautiful parts of the mountains, divine views and plenty of altitude challenges await you on this 20 km hike. Regular refreshment stops with a steaming pint and (not only) Krkonose delicacies to snack on will make them easier to conquer. From Mala Upa, take the peaceful Eliska valley (you will be fed by Krmelec near Kravi hora), run down to Spaleny Mlyn and then up through Portasky to Ruzohorky (blueberry dumpling or cake is a must). Can you make it all the way to Snezka?

In any case, the next stop awaits you in Pec pod Snezkou at the Pec Brewery at the beginning of the Obri Dul Mine. The pride of the brewery - the bottom-fermented pale lager Snezka 12 - will hopefully fire you up for another climb up the ridges. You will climb up to the Modry Dul Mine, to Richterovy boudy Chalets and finally to Vyrovka Chalet. From there you will run to the Chalupa Na rozcestí Chalet and enjoy a short descent to Klinovky. The view tothe valley of the Klinovy brook is breathtaking, for example from the unusual Atüln chalet.

The blue trail will then lead you to the destination of today's journey - Friesovy boudy Chalet. Here you will be well taken care of. You will taste Fries beer produced in the traditional way and awarded the Krkonose - original product label. In addition, they also serve Hendrych beer, full-bodied, distinctive and bitter.


Sunday - via Strazne to Vrchlabi

On the last day you will descend through Strazné to Vrchlabi. Your final stop is the Pivovarska basta Brewery and a tasting of Medved beer. The beer made from Zatec hops, brewed in the classic three-mouth method, is already famous among the mountain people.

You are at the finish line, hand in a filled-in leaflet with stamps to the attendant, get an opener and you will be entered into a draw for other prizes. You can have a nice lunch in the Pivovarská bašta Brewery to round off your weekend sports and gastronomic experience.


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Krkonose Beer Trail