Krkonose cyclo-buses

Rychorsky Descent

Horní Malá Úpa - Trutnov

This route will take you through beautiful places in the eastern parts of the Krkonose called Rychory and around interesting monuments which you can visit during your trip. You can use a cyclo-bus to get to Horni Mala Upa. From there, take the K24 cycle track to the church and continue via K24C and K1A cycle track via Cestnik junction to Lysecinska bouda chalet. You can take a short rest in Horni Alberice and visit the Vapenka lime works. It is an octagonal museum built on 19th century lime works stone tower. The modern exhibition uses short stories accompanied with photographs to present the seven centuries of life in the Albericke valley. The keys to the museum can be borrowed at the Vesely vylet information centre. From there you can ascend the state border with Poland and, continuing on the K1A cycle track, pass along the Rychorsky kriz junction to Zacler. From there, take the track 4081 to Trutnov.


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Rychorsky Descent

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