Stachelberg Artillery Fort

Stachelberg Artillery Fort

Open again from October 28. Closed on weekdays.

The Stachelberg artillery fort can be found between Trutnov and Zacler, on a hill top above Babi. It features foundation slabs for fort structures, the Fortifications of the Trutnov Region educational trail, and the Eliska viewing tower.

The exhibition in the T-S 73 infantry block-house describes the development of the Czechoslovak permanent fortification system in 1935–1938, built primarily to resist Hitler’s Germany. The underground premises of Stachelberg are quite unique, making up a total of 3.5 km of underground corridors and halls 25–60 m under the surface. The armed light fortification structure is an example of a small block-house, showing how it was ready to fight during the September 1938 mobilisation.

During the excursion you will walk through about 1 kilometer of underground passages and the historical exhibition. However, your tour does not have to end there - with another guide you can go to the small fortresses on the surface, which make up the real story of the Czechoslovak fortifications. You will see how our fortifications functioned in various variations until the end of the 20th century through specific armed objects.

The tours are conducted in the Czech language; foreign visitors have the option of using printed texts or audio guides. More information is available at the fortress ticket office. 


Trutnov - Babí
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