‘Pod jasanem’ Museum of Weaving

‘Pod jasanem’ Museum of Weaving

Trutnov - Voletiny

A rural farmstead known as Dum pod jasanem (“The Ash Tree House”) opens its doors to anyone interested in folk crafts, handwork and meeting other people involved in creative work.

You can see a weaving room which shows how people lived in Krkonose chalets, their crafts and tools. You can try out weaving yourself.

The crafts and creative arts workshop will guide you in producing your own souvenirs, such as herbal soaps, floating candles, painted flax bags or bead jewellery. Courses are offered all-year-round, where professional tutors will teach you a variety of folk crafts, such as loom weaving, spinning and working flax and wool, dyeing linen with natural pigments, basket making, and many other crafts and techniques.

This is a unique place which we recommend to see on your holiday or on a trip with children. It is not by chance that the owner of the Tkalcovna museum exhibition won the 2019 Master of Traditional Handicrafts award from the Kralovehradecky Region in spinning, weaving and processing wool and flax.

Dum pod jasanem also offers a relaxing garden with a children’s playground and a herb garden.


U Božích muk 22
541 03 Trutnov - Voletiny
50.5857928N, 15.9374661E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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