The Vapenka Museum

The Vapenka Museum

Horní Albeřice

A protected historical monument, an octagonal structure of a 19th century limeworks stone tower now features an octagonal museum. The seemingly ordinary stories of the locals are a reminder of the ambivalent history of the Krkonose, Bohemia, Europe and the whole world.

The modern exhibition presents short stories and photographs to present seven centuries of life in the Alberice valley. The archives of the Vesely vylet publishers provided 143 time photographs, most of which were never published. With the help of witnesses, the names of most of the people in the photographs were found and linked to specific events. You can borrow the keys to the museum at the Vesely vylet information office in Temny Dul.


542 26 Horní Albeřice
50.6961939N, 15.8456347E