Dixova Timber Sanding Plant

Dixova Timber Sanding Plant

Fabrika Temný Důl

The premises of the former Dixova timber sanding plant are dominated by the main three-wing building made of finely worked gneiss blocks. Windows and doors have brick pointing. The premises are located by the River Upa in the north-eastern part of Horni Marsov. The plant also has a tall octagonal chimney and a former water feed canal. It was declared a Cultural Monument in 1996.

‘Fabrika zije’ Initiative

The FABRIKA TEMNY DUL cultural and academic association was established in June 2017 at the instigation of Karel Chotek jr., the sole owner of building no. 81, in order to rescue, repair, use, develop and manage this cultural monument in Temny Dul.

The association aims to make the premises of the monument accessible to the public through its contents. It therefore launched the Fabrika Temny Dul – Multi-cultural Centre project, which anticipates that premises for galleries, museums, concerts, a café and other uses should be made. The premises are also suitable for weddings.


Temný Důl
542 26 Horní Maršov
50.6660444N, 15.7948278E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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