Poznejte Krkonoše ze sedla kola

Explore the Krkonose by Bike

More than 900 km of bike trails will take you through landscape that you can’t see elsewhere

Don’t be afraid to take your bike to the highest Czech mountains. The Krkonose landscape is varied and offers many opportunities for bike trips, whether you want to take an easy ride down a valley surrounded by mountains or hit the pedals and beat your limits in a long ascent to their peaks. This article sums up all you need to know about cycling in the Krkonose.

Krkonoše na kole, výhled

Enjoy divine views and endless descents into the valley

Let's not lie to ourselves - in the Krkonose Mountains it's hard work on a bike. And a challenge. You can't avoid hills in the mountains. But you can get help! Let the Krkonose Cycle Buses or one of the cable cars take you to the peaks. Enjoy ridge cycling routes with views you won't see from the saddle of a bike anywhere else. And then take a carefree long descent back down into the valley.

Choose from recommended routes

Did you know that you can only cycle on roads and local roads in the National Park? That's why many of the routes are on asphalt roads. But many others are exempted by the Krkonose National Park Administration. This gives you the opportunity to ride through a unique landscape. Take advantage of it! Enjoy the view and before you go down into the valley, stop at one of the mountain lodges. We offer you more than 60 prepared tips for cycling trips and long descents.

I wanna choose my route

Tilt turns in the Bike Park or on the Track

Not here for the leisurely rides, views and relaxing descents? The Krkonose hills also offer technical trails, nature trails or bike parks where you can get a little crazy.

Bikeparks and Trails

Use the Krkonose cyclo-buses to get to the ridges

In operation 25 May - 29 October 2024

Cyclo-buses connect the mountains from Harrachov to Mala Upa and Zacler. They also serve pedestrians, are there for everyone and often take you to places you wouldn't be able to get to on by a regular train or bus. Follow the current timetables and use the 9 lines when planning your trips. 

Cycle bus timetables

The cable cars can also take a bicycle or a stroller

The cable cars with summer operation can also help you on your way up. They will take you and your bike up to the Krkonose peaks, with views within easy reach. For example, to Cerna Hora Mountain, Medvedin Mountain or Portasovy Boudy Chalets. Outside the main season, their operation may change or open only on weekends. Therefore, always check the current situation before you go.

Overview of cable cars

Cycling through the Foothills

Do you prefer a more leisurely pace, like to enjoy the surrounding countryside and don't need a sweaty jersey to be happy? Then opt for a trip through the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, which offer a more pleasant altitude profile and views this time from the lowlands upwards to the panorama of the highest ridges. Moreover, you don't have to be tied to cable cars or bicycle buses and you will still discover countless sightseeing spots.

Trips under the Mountains

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