Hurvínek na trati Martinice - Rokytnice

Tips for trips along the Jizera Pacifik line

The Jizera Pacifik line connects Martinice v Krkonosich with Rokytnice nad Jizerou. It runs along the Jizera River and offers a relaxing ride to the start of trips in the western Krkonose Mountains. No car and no worries about road closures or parking. We have prepared the trips for you and marked them on the map, just choose.

Where to go on a trip along the track

To the Krkonose Museum and Zvedava (Curious) Street

Get off at the Jilemnice Station

Take a peek into the count's chambers in Jilemnice Castle. Be enchanted by the moving Metelka Nativity scene - it's magical not only at Christmas. Or take a tour through the history of skiing, from the first wooden skis to the modern ones of today. All this in the exhibitions of the Krkonose Museum in Jilemnice. 

Zvedava ulicka (Curious Street) is the name of a cute street in Jilemnice, where log cabin after log cabin stands, each one a little bit behind the previous one. It's as if curious aunties are poking their heads out to keep an eye on the market through their neighbour.

How to get there

To the oldest stone lookout tower in the Krkonose Mountains

You get off at the Hrabacov stop

The Zaly lookout tower was built above Benecko by Count Jan Harrach in 1892. It rises to a height of 18 metres and in its original form still offers a beautiful circular view of the Krkonose Mountains and the distant countryside. And this is despite the fact that the trees around the tower have grown a little over 130 years...

If you want to go to it from Hrabacov, prepare for a big hike. But also for a wonderful trip along the ancient Bucharova cesta path, connected by name and location with the teacher Jan Buchar, who together with the Count contributed significantly to the development of hiking and skiing in the Krkonose Mountains. Pay tribute to both personalities of Krkonose history with your journey.

How to get there

Víchovská trail to Kavan's paintings

Get off at the Víchová nad Jizerou station

Academic painter Frantisek Kavan was born in Vichovska Lhota and captured the surrounding landscape on the canvases of his paintings. It inspired him to create extraordinary works, and you will be inspired to take a walk. Quiet paths wind through fields and meadows, disappearing on the horizon, only to reappear behind it and head towards the silhouette of the western Krkonose Mountains.

Let the panels of the nature trail guide you and get to know not only Vichova, but also Roudnice and Krizlice.

How to get there

To Rautis for bead decorations

Get off at the Poniklá station

Visit the place where the story of Krkonose pearls and handmade Christmas decorations is written. They are original, colourful and subtle, shiny and fragile to look at. 

The ornaments are still handmade in Rautis today and this unique production process has been listed by UNESCO. Thanks to regular excursions to the production site, you too can follow the journey of the beads. From the blowing of the bead to its stringing on the wire. And then you can try stringing it yourself.

How to get there

Through the land of forgotten patriots to Prdek

Get off at the Jablonec nad Jizerou station

Explore the land of the forgotten patriots - it is in the Paseky region that the novel by Karel Václav Rais is set. The Memorial of the Lost Patriots in the museum will tell you about Václav Metelka, who was the model for the main character of the novel. You will also learn that the violin, still famous all over the world today, was born in the Krkonose violin-making school

The destination of the trip is the Na Perlicku pub, which the locals call "Prdek". Everything here is well cooked, pleasantly served, local original beer Prdecký Perlík is on tap and one of the tables has a hidden chamburin game. The Ptaci Trail passes right through here.12 stops = 12 birds you will get to know. And because the educational boards were prepared by locals, they offer lots of interesting reading and take you through places you might not otherwise have come across.

How to get there

To the viewing points Hlidka na Strazi

Get off at the Jablonec nad Jizerou station

You will be amazed by the originally conceived viewpoints on the Straz hill. The lightweight buildings made of wood and steel offer a magnificent view of the Rokytnice valley, the panorama of Lysa hora and Kotel, and you can also see Paseky and Vysoke nad Jizerou. The four viewpoints symbolize the four patrons of the Rokytnice coat of arms. Can you beat the Fox, the Sheep, the Bear or the Miner? Or all of them?

The viewpoints are part of a forest park with pleasant seating in the shade of the trees.

How to get there

To the playground and swimming pool Pilistata

Get off at the Jablonec nad Jizerou station

Even for summer comfort you can go on the rails. The pleasant children's playground at Pilistata is right next to the swimming pool. You can get here with smaller children or a pram and then just let all the kids out into the space. On the way, don't forget to stop for an ice cream in the town centre. And if you prefer natural bathing, there is a campsite Zatisi, right on the banks of the Jizera River, not far from Pilistata area...

How to get there

Parní mašina na trati Pojizerský Pacifik

It might be useful to know before you go

  • The track starts (or ends) in Martinice, at a completely unique railway station. On weekends from May to October, the Railway Museum and Station Café is open, hang out here for a while. 
  • Trains run on the line every day, leaving every 2 hours from Martinice or Jablonec. Beware - the line does go all the way to Rokytnice, but only 1 train a day comes here. 
  • If you are travelling with children, equip yourself for the train with the fun game Ride with the Count.
  • On selected weekends during the summer holidays, a steam engine or a Hurvínek motor train will run along the line.

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