The Czech-Polish Friendship Trail

The Czech-Polish Friendship Trail

Beautiful views of Bohemia and Poland, the highest parts of the Krkonose and unique places – this is a brief description of what the Czech-Polish Friendship Trail offers.

This is the main tourist route on the ridges, marked in red, which runs across the Krkonose from Tvaroznik hill to Pomezni Boudy, with a length of 28 km. It follows the Czech–Polish border and crosses it several times. You can join it from many places. It is easy for instance from Spindleruv Mlyn, thanks to the regular bus line to Spindlerova chalet.

If you want to take the entire trail from west to east, it’s best to start at Vosecka chalet, which you can reach from Rokytnice or Harrachov. Pomezni Boudy is a good starting point for the reverse direction.

Route course

Vosecká bouda - Svinske kameny - Ceska budka - Vysoka Plan - Snezne jamy - Černé sedlo - Muzske kameny - Divci kameny - Petrovy boudy - Spindlerova bouda - Pod Malym Sisakem - Poledni kamen - Obri sedlo - Snezka - Jelenka - Pomezni Boudy

Where to stay overnight

Vosecká bouda - Labska bouda - Petrova bouda - Erlebachova a Josefova bouda - Spindlerova bouda - Jelenka Chalet- Trautenberk Brewery and Chata Hradečanka Chalet, Pomezni Boudy


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Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains

We have chosen the best places for you, planned suitable routes, prepared stamp hunts and know where to hide in bad weather. You will fill your family time together with activities in unique nature, exploration, fun and fabulous adventures.

Hiking destinations and nearby trails

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