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One can experience a lot in the Krkonose. Are you unsure as to what trail to choose, how to plan your family holiday, what destinations are worth paying a visit, which winter resort is suitable for you, or what to do when the weather is bad? Look at our articles and inspire yourself. Discover the news and interesting facts, join our competitions and win great prizes and learn about the Krkonose’s nature.

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Choose the highest mountains in Bohemia for your winter holiday. The Krkonose Mountains offer stable snow cover, resorts without crowds and mountains of experiences, even if you're not into skiing. They offer a harsh climate and a friendly face. Come and see for yourself!
Krkonoše jsou jediné české hory s vysokohorským rázem. Klima na jejich hřebenech má vzhledem k tak vysoké nadmořské výšce svá specifika a rizika.
Discover the TOP 20 places you should definitely not miss when visiting the Krkonose Mountains. Experience the Krkonose Mountains to...
Welcome one of the most beautiful times of the Krkonose year. Now is the perfect time to hike the colourful valleys and empty ridges. After all, the days are still long enough, the temperatures are pleasant, the huts are open and the cable cars are running.
Before the mists fall, set out to discover the views of the peaceful countryside. We've selected the most beautiful ones for you.