Visitor´s Centre of the Krkonose National Park

Museum of the Krkonose Mountains

Návštěvnické centrum Krkonošského národního parku

The Krkonose Museum will open its doors on 1 November 2023

Touch the Krkonose Mountains and get to know them in one place! After six years of reconstruction, the new Krkonose Museum is opening. The modern and interactive exhibition documents not only the story of the unique nature, but also its connection with the fate of people who live in the mountains.

Visit the largest exhibition on the Krkonose Mountains in the world. You will see the meanders of the Labe river, the Krkonose waterfalls and an authentic mountain meadow full of protected flowers. Get to know the character of the Krakonos, experience a vision with a slight chill down your spine. Discover the crafts of the Krkonose Mountains, such as farming on the mountain chalets, glassmaking and forestry. Descend into a mining tunnel

You will get chills at the sight of the greatest ecological disasters, even human ones, such as the fate of the Sudeten people during and after World War II. Walk through the Krkonose forest, which has faced its own calamities over the years. 

Go to the museum with your children and stay for two days

Don't be afraid to take the children to the Krkonose Museum. There is a game that will guide them through the entire exhibition, animals and fun interactive elements. You can spend 1 hour or two days here.

The ticket is valid for 48 hours and it is up to you how you use it.


Husova 213
543 01 Vrchlabí
50.6287903N, 15.6055997E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

Go from Harrachov to Zacler or in the opposite direction, for a three-day trip or for a whole week. Enjoy the pure nature, the warmth of the mountain chalets and the sky full of stars.