Martinické rybníky

To Horni Branna and Martinice v Krkonosich

Follow the footsteps of the Harrach House and the pedagogue Jan Amos Komensky, learn about Life at the foot of the mountains as well as the highest located railway station in the Krkonose.

The Vrchlabi palace – the Krtek centre of Krkonose environmental education – Monastery gardens – take the green-marked tourist path left along the Augustinian Monastery – Vrchlabi, Nad klasterem junction – turn left – Kriz U Vysplach junction – Valterice swimming pool – the village of Valterice – continue left along the green path – cross the main road and follow the straight for the reinforced way for Brabenec airport (cycle track 4207) – Bohdanec junction – turn left for the main road and cycle track 22 – turn left for the gravel way at the Virgin Mary crucifix – the Harrach Family Tomb and hospital in Horni Branna – Horni Branna chateau and the Life at the Foot of the Mountains exhibition – take the red-marked path for Martinice v Krkonosich – U Mlejna educational trail – follow the red-marked path to the railway station in Martinice v Krkonosich – take the train back to Vrchlabi


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Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains

We have chosen the best places for you, planned suitable routes, prepared stamp hunts and know where to hide in bad weather. You will fill your family time together with activities in unique nature, exploration, fun and fabulous adventures.