The Tomb of the Holy Cross

The Tomb of the Holy Cross and the Harrach Hospital

Horní Branná

A rare structure of that time, reminiscent of oriental Byzantine architecture, it features two regular eight-sided and co-axial prisms of different height. The construction started in 1840, but the interesting building was not consecrated until 4 September 1870, when it was dedicated to the Holy Cross as the tomb of the House of Harrach. The underground part includes a brick crypt with the remains of the members of the House of Harrach. The tomb is now used as a funeral hall and a concert hall. A guided tour is available upon prior arrangement.

Count Alois of Harrach had a hospital  built in 1710 opposite the tomb to support twelve ageing servants for the rest of their lives. The support included accommodation, food, clothing and an annual payment of 58 guldens and 42 kreuzers. Establishing such a facility was a very remarkable social act at that time. Today it is used as a nursing home.


512 36 Horní Branná
50.6094714N, 15.5678442E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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