Life at the Foot of the Mountains Permanent Exhibition

Life at the Foot of the Mountains Permanent Exhibition

Horní Branná

This historic and ethnographic exhibition is located in beautiful premises on the ground floor of the Renaissance chateau in Horni Branna and presents the establishment of the villages of Horni Branna and Valterice during the colonisation of the border forests, their development and the life of the locals up to the present. It introduces the landlords of the manor, paying greater attention to the House of Harrach, who greatly improved conditions in the region.

Visitors are also shown farming in submontane areas, the traditional local dishes, rural architecture, and linen production, which used to be an important source of income. Attention is also paid to the Protestant and Catholic Churches, the variety of civil associations in the villages and important personalities. Also sports, especially skiing, are included in the exhibition – the local skiers made a very good name for themselves at national and international competitions, including the Olympics. The last panel shows the activities which the village and its inhabitants are involved in at present.

Visitors can enjoy modern and attractive presentations, with backlit panels, natural dioramas, glass cabinets of exhibits, wall projections, a built-in chamber from an old submontane chalet, touch screens and other equipment.

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Zámek Horní Branná 1
512 36 Horní Branná
50.6089469N, 15.5698756E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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