Zámek Vrchlabí


“The town on the River Labe” or “The gateway to the Krkonose” – this is what Vrchlabi is rightly called. It is well located in the middle of the mountain range, which offers good opportunities for hikes or bike trips in the vicinity of the town as well as to the mountain tops. This is where the Krkonose start! 

There is a very good public transport system, including the Krkonose cyclo-buses in summer, whose lines meet in Vrchlabi, making it easier to travel throughout the region. In winter, everyone can choose from a variety of opportunities, which include ski resorts suitable for families with children as well as those for skilled skiers, cross-country tracks, and even a competition facility with artificial lights and snow. The view of Jested hill and the Krkonose foothills is unique from the stone viewing tower on Zaly, which you can get to by cable car from Herlikovice.

Trips and entertainment for everyone

Quizzes and quests 

Children love motion, playing and entertainment. We offer several quizzes and quests with a treasure or reward at the end, and entertaining trails with a mysterious story. Local delicacies can be tried out at the café and confectioner’s in the timbered House with Seven Gables, where children can discover the legend of how the painted room and the Vrchlabi Palace are connected.

Monuments and educational trails

Those interested in history are welcome to view the historical monuments in the town, where guided tours are available in summer in Czech and German.

Educational trails and hiking trails will introduce you, for instance, to the production of cars, the town’s important personalities, the most beautiful viewing towers, around wayside shrines and crucifixes, or along the River Labe (the Elbe). Try out some of them!

By Bike along the River Labe

Any enthusiastic biker certainly shouldn’t miss the Labska Bike Trail, which starts at the sources of the River Labe and also runs through Vrchlabi. Other trails in the town’s vicinity can be made a little easier to access if you use the chair lift to Zaly hill, from where the more distant destinations are easier to handle. Those who are not afraid of hills can hit the pedals. Younger bikers might perhaps prefer the trails around Hostinne, Horni Branna and Jilemnice.

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