Knezice Tourist Riding Hall

From Vrchlabi to Knezice to see Horse Carts

If you’re not afraid of hills and conquering steeper gradients, take a hike from Vrchlabi to Knezice. The reinforced road is also suitable for prams, and in reward for your great effort, you will enjoy beautiful views and pleasant refreshments. Children may then relax on horseback.

Vrchlabí, Tridomi – Vrchlabí, monastery junction – follow the yellow-marked tourist path – the Chapel of St. Anne and the Fourteen Holy Helpers – Knezicka chalet and Tourist Riding School and back


Pojď s námi hrát RAZÍTKOVACÍ HRU
Pohádkové Krkonoše

Vše, co pro dovolenou s dětmi v Krkonoších potřebujete a navíc spousta zábavy. Vstupte do světa Pohádkových Krkonoš.

Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains

We have chosen the best places for you, planned suitable routes, prepared stamp hunts and know where to hide in bad weather. You will fill your family time together with activities in unique nature, exploration, fun and fabulous adventures.