U Borovice Viewing Tower

U Borovice Viewing Tower


The private viewing tower called U Borovice (‘At the Pine Tree’) was built following an incentive by Frantisek Hubar, a citizen of Roprachtice, aiming to please himself and others.

Climb the 70 steps to enjoy a view of Jested and Bezdez hills, the River Jizera, Stepanka viewing tower, and Kozi Hrbety, Zaly and Benecko hills. You will also see the contours of the Orlicke Mountains and Kozakov hill.

The viewing tower is 18 m tall, made of brick with granite cladding, and has a viewing gallery made of larch wood.
The viewing tower is situated some 100 m from Road 289 on a lengthy elevation between Helkovice and Roprachtice.


Roprachtice u Semil
513 01 Roprachtice
50.6603769N, 15.4014172E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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