Colonnade Janské Lázně

Janské Lázně

This picturesque spa centre with an unusual history and original architecture lies at the foot of Cerna hora Mountain, the summit of which is accessible via a modern cable car, making the town an ideal gateway to the Krkonose for skiers in winter as well as hikers and cyclists in summers.

Thanks to the dynamically developing ski resort, the town has become a top sports and recreation centre with a high-quality offer of all types of winter sports. It allows the greatest length of downhill tracks for a single ski pass. Besides groomed tracks, the resort also offers many cross-country tracks, including the Cerna hora sledge trail.

To the summit of Cerna hora and into the tree crowns

Hikers and cyclists will enjoy their time in summer when, besides the many hiking and bike trails, they can climb the Panorama viewing tower, 25.7 m tall, on the summit of Cerna hora. Another unforgettable experience is a walk down the 1500 m long Krkonose Tree Crowns Trail. It will take you from the roots of the trees to their crowns. The First Krkonose Educational Bike Trail runs through the most interesting parts of the Cerna hora and Svetla hora mountains and features information panels.

Healing springs, relaxation and cultural events

The spa resort in the quiet centre of the town offers a variety of spa stays all year round. The spa treatment focuses on limbs and the nervous system and is carried out in modern complexes for children as well as adults. The unforgettable atmosphere of Sunday afternoons during the holidays is introduced by the traditional summer promenade concerts on the spa colonnade.

Many restaurants invite guests to try not only Krkonose specialities, and accommodation in the traditional and modern style is available in Janske Lazne. During the year many cultural and sports events are held here. There is a long tradition of summer promenade concerts on the spa colonnade. Cultural events can be attended at the municipal cinema and the Art Nouveau hall of the spa colonnade. The traditional Inauguration of the Spa Season offers a rich programme.

Janske Lazne is an interesting gateway to the summits of the highest Czech mountains in winter as well as summer. The spa environment welcomes everyone who wants to refresh their mental and physical powers and will also fully satisfy all lovers of tourism and summer sports.

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Východní Krkonoše
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