Černohorský potok

Luisina Trail through Tesny dul Valley

This trail, named after Countess Aloisia Czernin-Morzin, runs through a deep steep valley called Tesny dul (or Klausuv dul) to Pardubicke chalet. It will take you through a beech forest past the waterfalls and cascades of the Cernohorsky brook.

The easiest way to get to the beginning near the bridge across the Cernohorsky brook is to follow the spa promenade from the Lesni dum hotel. The trail turns left after the bridge. A two-meter wide paved road will take you to Pardubicke chalet, formerly Kuhnel chalet.

After some 250 m of ascent, the paved road cuts through a rocky canyon near the waterfalls of the Cernohorsky brook. Where the road runs along a steep slope, the builders had to drill and install foundation plates in the rock bed.

This trail was named after Countess Aloisia Czernin-Morzin, also known as Luisa. In the late 19th century she helped the development of the Vrchlabi and Marsov manors. She is remembered in a chapel with a tomb on a hill near the palace park in Vrchlabi. She had the chapel built in 1887–1891 at about the same time the church of St. Lawrence was newly built on namesti Miru Square in Vrchlabi. The chapel has been part of the national architectural heritage since 2006.


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Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains

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