Kabinka Children’s Park

Kabinka Children’s Park

Janské Lázně

This complex of sports and adventure activities for the whole family can be found next to the upper station of the Cernohorsky Express cable car, at an altitude of 1260 m a.s.l. A total of six adventures await you.

Climbing wall – everyone can choose their way from 40 different routes. An instructor is ready to help children with climbing techniques. Complete equipment is available for hire. Slackline – do you know where the centre of your body is? The elastic belts help you to run, jump or practise yoga, but you have to know where your centre is, and that has to be looked for step by step. Bungee trampoline – everyone is sure to have asked themselves as a young child what it would be like to be swung high and taken safely back to the ground. Pedal carts – your feet are what counts. Boats – why wait for the high tide? You can sail in the artificial pool instantly. Become your own captain, steersman and lifesaver. Exhibition of winter equipment – come and see what helps Christmas to be white: modern snowcats, snow guns and snow scooters.


Černá hora
542 25 Janské Lázně
50.6481844N, 15.7510767E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

Go from Harrachov to Zacler or in the opposite direction, for a three-day trip or for a whole week. Enjoy the pure nature, the warmth of the mountain chalets and the sky full of stars.

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