Cernohorske Peat Bogs

To the Cernohorske Peat Bogs

Take a ride on the first cable car in the Krkonose, which runs to the top of Cerna hora mountain. You will have an enjoyable trip in a lovely and interesting part of our mountains. You will learn how peat bogs are formed, your children can take a few runs on the causeways and eventually spend their remaining energy in the Kabinka children’s park.

Cerna hora – Panorama viewing tower – take the yellow-marked path – Cerna hora, refreshments stall – Cerna bouda chalet – Vaclavak junction, educational trail – turn right for the Cernohorske Peat Bogs educational trail – Hubertova viewing point – Nad Pardubickymi boudami junction – continue straight on the blue path – Cerna bouda chalet – turn left onto the yellow path – Cerna hora, refreshments stall – continue straight down the 1st Krkonose educational cycle trail – Cerna hora, Sokolská chalet junction – Kabinka children’s park – Cerna hora

  • Trip length: 5.7 km
  • Points of interest: Panorama viewing towerCernohorske peat bogsKabinka children’s park
  • Refreshments: Na lanovce bar and restaurant – Cerna bouda chalet – The stall near the former Sokolska chalet
  • Transport: Take a regular bus to Janske Lazne; in summer you can also take the Krkonose Cyclobus Line 1,
  • Parking: Central car park in Janske Lazne
  • Tip: Certainly don’t miss the Kabinka children’s park: bungee trampolines, climbing wall, pedal carts and boats will guarantee good entertainment for children and a bit of relaxation for adults.



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