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State Spa Janské Lázně

State Spa

Janské Lázně

The hot spring, entitled Jan’s Spring, was discovered at the foot of Cerna hora mountain probably as early as in the 11th century. However, Janske Lazne attained a global reputation after 1920 when it was examined and a detailed analysis showed its curative effects for paralyses, especially poliomyelitis. Children receive comprehensive care, including a kindergarten and primary school, cinema and a modern gym hall. The facility is equipped for wheelchair bound children as well. The other two spa buildings, Lazensky dum and Jansky dvur, are interconnected and barrier-free, and designed for adult patients.

The spa offers several types of treatment, depending on your choice, your physician and health insurance. These types differ according to the extent of coverage:

  • Comprehensive treatment – fully paid for by insurance
  • Contributory treatment – treatment paid for by insurance, accommodation and meals by the patient
  • Private treatment – fully paid for by the patient
  • Reconditioning stays – individual regeneration programmes


Janské Lázně
542 25 Janské Lázně
50.6304100N, 15.7815772E