Mumlava Waterfall

From Harrachov to ‘Krakonosova snidane’ Intersection

In Winter on Foot

This trip starts in Harrachov at the central car park next to the bus station and is marked in blue. It runs along the small river Mumlava with its so-called “giant pots”, or evorsion holes, created by the circular movement of water with stones in the riverbed.

You will also see the 12 m high Mumlavsky waterfall, which has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the Krkonose. You can continue down the blue-marked path to the Krakonosova snidane (“Krakonos’s Breakfast”) junction. Take a rest there; this legendary intersection of the Krkonose’s hiking paths is said to be the place where Krakonos, the master of the mountains, has breakfast before going on an inspection of his domain.

The same path will take you back to Harrachov. We recommend visiting the Sindelka forestry exhibition, or the Ski Museum with an extensive exhibition about the history of skiing and ski jumping. Both can be seen before or after the trip and are located at the bus station in Harrachov.

Harrachov car park – Mumlavsky waterfall – Krakonosova snidane intersection, and back

Trip length: 11 km


Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains

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