To the Kotelske pass

Horeni Domky – ascend along the Blue course – follow the blue-marked tourist trail to the Zadni Plech intersection – follow the yellow-marked tourist trail to the Krakonosova snidane junction – follow the blue-marked tourist trail (Harrachova Trail) and ascend to the ‘U Ctyr panu’ junction – follow the green-marked tourist trail (Czech Trail) – Ruzencina zahradka junction – follow the red-marked tourist trail to the Kotelske pass.

Length: 11,9 km

Explanations of Symbols

  1. Hard-to-orientate terrain
  2. Avalanche risk terrain
  3. Hard-to-orientate and avalanche risk terrain
  4. Other warnings; steep gradient

Under certain climatic conditions, life threatening circumstances and/or hard-to-orientate parts may occur on this route. Entry solely at your own risk! Contact the Mountain Rescue Service for the latest information.


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