Cross country track in Harrachov

From Martinske Valley to Smedava

This cross-country trail runs uphill from the Martinske valley along the River Jizera. The less demanding part is in the area around Bukovec, a basalt hill with its top at 1005 m a.s.l. From there, the trail runs to Morina and Promenadni path, where the border fortifications system can be seen, and ends at Smedava chalet.

The trail is shorter but with a steeper passage climbing towards Jizerka settlement.

Martinske valley, Korenov – Jizerka – Morina – Promenadni path – Hranicni path – Smedava

  • Length: 14,1 km
  • Refreshment: Chata Sport Ski Restaurant - Mýtiny – Jizerka - Mořina
  • Parking: Parkoviště fotbalové hřiště, Kořenov


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