Walking in the Krkonose with Snowshoes

Harrachov – Labska Chalet – Horni Misecky

The route starts in Harrachov, where you walk along the Main Krkonosska Skiing Trail toward Mumlavska chalet. Near the chalet you can stop by at the 8 m high Mumlavsky waterfall, which makes its surroundings a small ice kingdom in winters. From there, you take the red-marked cross-country track to the mountains.

After a mild 5 km ascent along the Mumlavsky brook, you will reach the Krakonosova snidane junction, where a steeper ascent to Vosecka chalet begins. At the chalet, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the snow-covered mountains, go to nearby Tvaroznik hill or Snezne jamy corries. The Main Trail continues via Navorska meadow to Labska louka meadow. From there, you can turn left to see the sources of the river Labe (the Elbe) which are only half a kilometre away from this route. From the intersection at Labska louka, you can turn left for Labska bouda chalet or continue straight ahead for Horni Misecky village.

Structures which were part of the former Czechoslovak border fortification system, partially preserved, can be seen unless they are covered in snow. On Zlate navrsi hill, you can see the stone Hanc and Vrbata Monument near Vrbatova chalet, built in remembrance of the tragic death of two friends during a 50 km cross-country contest. From there the route continues along the Main Krkonosska Trail, descending down the Masarykova road to Horni Misecky.

Harrachov – Mumlavsky vodopad – Krakonosova snidane – Vosecka bouda – Labska louka – Pramen Labe – Mohyla Hance a Vrbaty – Vrbatova bouda – Horni Misecky

  • Trip length: 17 km
  • Refreshments: Mumlavska bouda Chalet - Labská bouda Chalet- Vrbatova bouda Chalet
  • Parking: Parking by the busstation, Harrachov



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Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains

Fill your family time in the Krkonose Mountains with movement in nature, exploration, fun and fairy-tale adventures. We've chosen the best places for you, planned routes, prepared an adventurous stamp hunt and know where to hide in bad weather.