Bobsleigh Track Harrachov

Bobsleigh Track Harrachov

The bobsleigh track in Harrachov, located in the northwest of the Anenske valley, was opened in July 2004. The bobsled track in Harrachov, together with transportation equipment, is approximately 1,000 metres long, has a 38 metre drop, an average incline of 6%, and a maximum incline of 12%.

It has 17 curves and two attractive above-ground crossings. The tow, as well as the track, is floodlit to enable evening rides. For the first time in the Czech Republic, the stainless steel track and tow channel is heated along the full length. In order to provide perfect heating, 5 km of heating wire was used, and several strands of the heating wire are applied to the bottom of the full length of the track and travelling body of the tow. This solution significantly improved the quality of operation after rain or in winter, during a snowfall, when the track dries or defrosts very quickly.

And how do you ride on the bobsled track? After getting on board a bobsled in the departure station, the bobsled and rider is led by gravity onto the cable transport device, which will pull the bobsled rider to the start. At this point, the bobsled is automatically disconnected from the cable transport and enters the profile of the bobsled track. After entering the channel of the bobsled track, the bobsled rider regulates their speed and style of driving with a highly efficient brake ensuring the ride is a remarkable and extremely attractive experience. In accordance with safety regulations, the whole course is certified not only in compliance with the EU regulations, but also with TÜV regulations. When operating regulations are observed, it is absolutely safe, and enables among other things, independent rides for children of approximate school age.

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