Rack Railway

Rack Railway Track Tanvald - Harrachov

The rack railway track Tanvald - Korenov - Harrachov was put into operation on 01 June 1902. The track runs through difficult terrain and required extraordinary technical solutions.

It is situated in a romantic landscape with alternating tunnels, bridges, deep cuttings and high embankments. The panorama of the Jizerske Mountains and the Krkonose underlines the exceptional position of the steepest railway track in the country, formerly an important connection between the Czech Republic and Poland and, during World War Two, also an important line to Berlin.

Reliable brakes were the biggest issue for the railway cars operating on this line. The original rack wheel system was replaced by engine-powered cars with a hydrodynamic brake and, later, by locomotives with electronic regulation, and the rack system was replaced by an adhesion system. The line is operated all year round, and each train in the main summer and winter season has a city transport connection.

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50.7641256N, 15.3400539E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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