Harrachov mining Museum

Harrachov mining Museum


The Museum of Mining and the Excursion Gallery were inaugurated in March 2003 at a former mine level.

The museum presents examples of minerals from fluorite deposits, tools and equipment used in mining, maps and photographs that document work on this deposit. The excursion gallery is some 1000 m long. It runs through the typical environment of an ore mine, is illuminated and its floor is levelled with gravel grit.

The average temperature is 7°C year round, hence warmer clothes are recommended. Each visitor is provided with a helmet and protective garments. There is equipment to be seen, including a complete hoisting machine, mine trucks, battery-powered locomotive and a mine loader.


Harrachov 654
512 46 Harrachov
50.7684122N, 15.4441692E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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