Lisci Trail

From Harrachov to Krakonos Breakfast

A comfortable hike along the River Mumlava which you can enjoy even with babies in a pram. Older children may use the Lisci trail and enjoy the small playground at the trail end at the Sindelka interactive exhibition, which explains timber cutting and introduces the animals of the Krkonose forests.

Harrachov, bus station – follow the blue-marked tourist path – Sindelka museum – Mumlavsky waterfall – Lubosska torrent – Krakonos Breakfast and back; it is possible to go back from Krakonos Breakfast to Harrachov via the Kladova trail and then the Krakonosova trail, making it a 15.2 km long trip

  • Trip length: 11.7 km
  • Points of interest: Sindelka Forestry and Game Management exhibition – Lisci trail – Mumlavsky waterfall – the Living and Dead River Mumlava educational trail
  • Refreshments: Roubenka restaurant – U Lisaka stall – Krakonos Breakfast stall – the Sklar hotel in Harrachov
  • Transport: Take regular buses or the train on the Liberec – Harrachov route; in summer you can also take the Krkonose Cyclobus Line 1
  • Parking: Car park near the bus station – central car park in Harrachov
  • Tip: Did you know what water pots look like and why they are dangerous? You can learn this on the Living and Dead River Mumlava educational trail and its 6 stations.


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Pojď s námi hrát RAZÍTKOVACÍ HRU
Pohádkové Krkonoše

Vše, co pro dovolenou s dětmi v Krkonoších potřebujete a navíc spousta zábavy. Vstupte do světa Pohádkových Krkonoš.

Family Winter Holiday in the Krkonose
Family Winter Holiday in the Krkonose Mountains

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