The Zacler area is an excellent destination for all those who seek quiet places without crowds of tourists, enjoy walks and hikes through diverse landscape, or bike rides in varying terrain. It will also satisfy those who are keen on technical monuments and interesting stories from the history of this border region, where black coal was mined for 400 years. The Polish side of the Krkonose and Lower Silesia are nearby and also offer a lot of unknown places, free of crowds.

A varied region offering quiet places and interesting stories

Unique collection of porcelain in the Municipal Museum

The municipal museum in Zacler is situated right on the main square. It presents the history of coal mining, life in the town before the end of World War II, interesting personalities and newly also a unique collection of porcelain gathered by Vaclav Petira, consisting of some 800 figurines and other artefacts produced in the porcelain company in Zacler before the year 1945.

Rychory – the Easternmost Part of the Krkonose

The main square in Zacler is the best starting point for Rychory, a place with a mysterious beech forest called Dvorsky les. The meadow enclave in Snezne domky offers beautiful views. On your trip, you will also be able to see the Bukowka lake in Poland and the highest Czech mountain, Snezka.

Open-air Museum of Mining

A technical monument is accessible in the premises of the former ‘Jan Sverma’ mine, presenting the exploitation of black coal which has been documented in writing in the Zacler region since the 16th century. An exhibition was created in the engine rooms and shaft buildings, and the hoisting tower of the Jan mine now offers breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside.

Unique Labyrinth

An unusual memorial to pedagogue Jan Amos Komensky was made by the sculptor Paulina Skavova in Cerna Voda, on a remote piece of land along the border with Poland. A circular monument bearing carved quotes of Komensky refers to his top work, Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart.

Vrani Mts. –  a very remote place

From Kralovec, a village on the border, you can climb the highest peak of the Vrani Mts., Spicak, which offers good views of Zacler and the Krkonose ridges. You can continue via the neighbouring village of Bernartice to Beckov, where you can see the waterfall, and to a small settlement called Rybnicek along the former pilgrimage trail to Jansky hill with the Krausova viewing point.

Zacler is also an excellent starting point for discovering Polish sights in Lower Silesia, the Bukowka lake, the Baroque monastery in Krzeszow, the granite rocks – Gory Sokole, the valley of chateaus near Jelenia Gora, or the mountain town of Karpacz. The information centre in Zacler will be glad to help you plan your trip.

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