The Municipal Museum in Zacler

The Municipal Museum in Zacler

The museum occupies the 1st floor of a historical building, built in 1912–1914 as the district court, now a protected monument. The exhibition presents the interesting history of the town and its environs, the important personalities of the Zacler region, the history of black coal mining, and the unique porcelain collection of Vaclav Petira.

The museum also regularly holds thematic exhibitions on history, historical events, art and collecting, various workshops and other public events.

Visitors can also use the services of the Tourist Information Centre which is part of the museum.



Rýchorské náměstí 10
542 01 Žacléř
50.6529222N, 15.9074183E

Městské muzeum Žacléř

The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

Go from Harrachov to Zacler or in the opposite direction, for a three-day trip or for a whole week. Enjoy the pure nature, the warmth of the mountain chalets and the sky full of stars.