Pecka Play Landscape

To the Pecka Play Landscape and Krakonos’s Confessional Hiking Trail

Pec pod Sněžkou

Go try out a great family adventure! The Pecka Play Landscape amusement park at the upper station of the Velka Upa – Portasovy chalets cable car line offers room for learning, playing and conquering. Visit an ant hill or hare’s warren, and learn about the Krkonose landscape from quite a different perspective. On your way back to Velka Upa, you can visit the trail stations leading to Krakonos’s Confessional, where all children’s secret wishes and sins belong.

You can use a sports pram on this route.

The Velka Upa – Portasovy chalets cable car – Pecka Play Landscape – follow the yellow-marked tourist path – Nad Portasovymi Boudami junction – turn left onto the yellow path – some 1.5 km later, turn right onto the K1A cycle trail – Pec pod Snezkou, Corso – turn left onto the blue-marked path – Javoří Mlýn junction – continue left at the main road – turn right across the river Upa at the P8 car park – children’s playground

  • Trip length: 6.6 km
  • Points of interest: the Pecka Play Landscape amusement park – a trip to Krakonos’s Confessional – Children’s playground in Velka Upa
  • Refreshments: the Horizont hotel in Pec pod Snezkou
  • Transport: Take a regular bus; in summer you can also take the Krkonose Cyclobus Line 1
  • Parking: P5 and P8 car parks in Velka Upa
  • Tip: Don’t forget to buy a wooden marble at the upper cable car station. You will support the beauty of the area, try the marble race and have a nice souvenir to take home.