The Pecka Playing Landscape

The Pecka Playing Landscape

Pec pod Sněžkou

The Pecka Playing Landscape combines learning about nature, an experience with architecture and fantasy play at an altitude of 1062 m a.s.l., at the Portasky upper ski lift station in Velka Upa. This unique collection of interactive wooden sculptures and objects on the motifs of Krkonose fauna offers a monumental meeting with the animals that live in the highest Czech mountains. Enter a meadow and forest livened up with huge salamanders, lynx, vipers and red deer.

Unlike in unified children’s playgrounds, each object here is an original design made by an architect and sculptor. Some features directly invite parents to join their children in the playing. You can walk through the mouth of a 15-m long wooden lynx, or use 9 m tall deer antlers as a lookout tower which then changes into a slide. An educational trail, 5 m above ground in the tree crowns, shows visitors several nests. You can play with giant ants between the trees. A 9-m long viper and a huge shell of a local snail can also be used as climbing toys. Entry is free of charge.


Velká Úpa
542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou
50.7029900N, 15.7681867E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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