Labska bouda

To the Source of the River Labe with Children

There are places in the Krkonose that everyone wants to see. The source of the River Labe (the Elbe) and the Pancavsky waterfall are certainly among them. Before you reach the symbolic source of the greatest Czech river, your children may try to step into the crystal-clear waters of the Pancava brook and hop on the stones while you enjoy the beautiful views.

Don’t forget that these places should also be protected. They are best enjoyed outside the main season.

Vitkovice, Horni Misecky – take a bus to Zlate navrsi hill – Vrbatova chalet – take the red-marked tourist path – Ambrozova viewing point – Labska chalet – continue left on the red-marked path – Source of the River Labe – turn onto the yellow-marked tourist path – Labska louka meadow site – U ctyr panu, Pancavska louka junction – Nad Kotelni jamou junction – turn right onto the green-marked path – Vrbatova chalet

  • Trip length: 6.2 km
  • Points of interest: Pancavsky Waterfall – Ambrozova viewing point – Labsky WaterfallSource of the River LabeHanc and Vrbata Monument
  • Refreshments: Vrbatova chalet - Labska chalet
  • Transport: Take regular buses on the route Vitkovice, Horni Misecky – Vitkovice, Zlate navrsi – Rokytnice nad Jizerou – Horni Misecky
  • Parking: Horni Misecky car park, Dolni Misecky car park – a bus will take you to Horni Misecky
  • Tip: If you want to take a pram, you can start at Vrbatova chalet and follow the green and yellow paths and take the same route back.


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Pohádkové Krkonoše

Vše, co pro dovolenou s dětmi v Krkonoších potřebujete a navíc spousta zábavy. Vstupte do světa Pohádkových Krkonoš.

Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains

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