Pancavsky Waterfall

Pancavsky Waterfall

Špindlerův Mlýn

With a height of 148 m, the Pancavsky waterfall is the highest in the Krkonose. It is situated some 1 km south of Labska bouda chalet where the small River Pancava flows across cascades along the steep side of the Labsky dul valley, making a total gradient of 148 m, in the greatest of all Czech waterfalls.

The Pancava is a right-hand tributary to the Labe into which it flows from a hanging valley above the glaciated valley of Labsky dul. The so-called Ambrozova viewing point near the waterfall offers a lovely view of the Labsky dul valley, the Kozi hrbety ridges, Kotel and Lysa hora mountains.

For hikers, Pancavsky waterfall is only accessible from a rock observatory on its edge. We ask visitors not to enter the area underneath the rock edge or the other side of the waterfall. The attached photographs were made by photographers who have a permit from the KRNAP Administration to enter areas outside marked trails, for instance, for surveying or as part of their collaboration on specific projects.


543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
50.7611139N, 15.5453861E
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