Bobsleigh Track - Happyworld Spindleruv Mlyn

Bobsleigh Track Spindleruv Mlyn

The bobsled run in Špindlerův Mlýn was built in 1997 as the first project of its kind in the Czech Republic. The length is 1,400 m including transport equipment and the rider enjoys 22 turns, 5 jumps (off-road twists) and three tunnels during a ride with an average incline of 7.03%.

The truly extraordinary experience of the ride, the speed of which is decided by each rider according to his/her ability, is enhanced by the beautiful surrounding panorama of the Giant Mountains. All age groups may ride the single or double bobsleds without any problems; children 8 years of age and older may ride by themselves, children under eight must be accompanied by adults. Due to high-quality lighting, the bobsled run can be operated even after dark.

How do you ride a bobsled? After getting on the bobsled at the departure station, the bobsled with the rider is conducted by gravity flow to a transport cable, which takes the rider to the starting point. At this point the bobsled is automatically disconnected from the transport cable and it drives into the profile of the bobsled run. After driving into the bobsled track, the driver regulates the speed and style of his/her ride himself/herself with a highly efficient brake. It is this fact that makes the ride a remarkable, exceptionally attractive experience. The entire bobsled run is certified in compliance with the safety regulations not only of the EU, but also the TÜV. When the operating rules are observed, it is absolutely safe, which, among other things, enables independent rides for children of around school age.

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