Z Harrachova přes tři kopce za krásnými výhledy

From Harrachov via Three Hills for Beautiful Views

Harrachov - Jilemnice

This demanding but all the more beautiful trail will take you from Harrachov via three hills to the Krakonosova snidane junction and Dvoracky chalet, from which you will descend via Rezek to Jilemnice. For the numerous ascents you will be rewarded with beautiful views and the final long descent.

From Harrachov, take the main road heading for the Polish border. After one kilometre, turn right onto the K2 cycle track, the so-called Janouskova or Terex road. After a steeper ascent, it continues comfortably along the contour lines and will take you to the Pod Voseckou boudou junction and down to the Krakonosova snidane junction. Turn left for the K2B cycle track and continue along the Kladova cesta road around Plesivec hill, where you can enjoy various captivating views of the countryside and the foothills. There will be numerous ascents and descents until you reach the Kladova cesta junction, where you turn left onto the K1A cycle track and continue via the Rucicky junction, Dvoracky chalet and the Sedlo pod Dvorackami junction to the Vidlice junction. From there, you will continue along the contour line on the K8A cycle track to Rezek, where you will join cycle track 22 and descend via Roudnice and Krizlice to Jilemnice, enjoying a magnificent view of the countryside and the western Krkonose.


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Explore the Krkonose by Bike
Explore the Krkonose by Bike

Don’t be afraid to take your bike to the highest Czech mountains. More than 900 km of bike trails will take you through landscape that you can’t see elsewhere.

Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains

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