Descent through the Mumlava River Valley

Descent through the Mumlava River Valley

Harrachov - Harrachov

This route will take you to the highest parts of the Krkonose Mountains, but no chair lift, cable car or cyclo bus is available to help. You can only use your bike, but making your way up to Vosecka bouda chalet really isn’t the easiest. However, if you decide to take this route, you certainly won’t be disappointed, and will later enjoy your descent from the chalet.

From Harrachov, take the main road to the Polish border. One kilometre farther, turn right onto the K2 cycle track, the so-called Terex road, which will take you to the Pod Voseckou boudou junction. This part of the track is some 12 km long and climbs or follows the contours, offering time to rest. The beautiful views of the valleys and the landscape of the western parts of the Krkonose are certainly worth seeing.

At the junction turn left and head up to Vosecka bouda, a mountain chalet, the highest point in this route, offering refreshments and rest. You can only continue on foot beyond there.

Now take the descent to Harrachov. Go back to the Pod Voseckou boudou junction, turn left onto the K2 cycle track and ride down to Krakonosova snidane junction, where you go to the right and continue to descend. The following parts to Harrachov lead along the Mumlava river valley where you pass the Mumlavske waterfalls and giant pots in the riverbed, which deserve your attention, situated just before Harrachov. From there, it’s only minutes to the town’s centre.

This route may be demanding as regards muscle power, but Vosecka bouda will reward you with breath-taking views. The descent to Harrachov is also quite interesting. It is 9 km long and you can follow the changing river along its course.


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Explore the Krkonose by Bike
Explore the Krkonose by Bike

Don’t be afraid to take your bike to the highest Czech mountains. More than 900 km of bike trails will take you through landscape that you can’t see elsewhere.

Family Winter Holiday in the Krkonose
Family Winter Holiday in the Krkonose Mountains

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