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7 most beautiful views in the Krkonose Mountains

The sun spells warm colours with its fading rays and soon it will pierce the Krkonose landscape with autumn. Before the mists fall, set out to discover the views of the peaceful landscape. We've selected the most beautiful ones the Krkonose Mountains have to offer. Gaze down into the valleys, admire the peaks on the horizon with admiration and humility. 

Even in September, you can use one of the cable cars to get to the mountain ridges in comfort. The Krkonose cyclo-buses are always in operation on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

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Welcome one of the most beautiful times of the Krkonose year. Now is the perfect time to hike the colourful valleys and empty ridges. After all, the days are still long enough, the temperatures are pleasant, the huts are open and the cable cars are running.


Viewing point above Mala Upa

1. Viewing point above Mala Upa

Be sure to take a look around at the top of the "U Kostela lift" in Horní Mala Upa at any time of the year. From the Pomezni ridge you can see most of Mala Upa and its northernmost part - Pomezni boudy Chalets. They are located on the Czech-Polish border at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level. From Pomezni boudy Chalets you can follow the yellow and then the red marked path for a more demanding 7 km walk to Snezka. You can also see the beautiful mountain church of St. Peter and Paul, which is the highest church in the Czech Republic. The view is dominated by Snezka and Svorova hora, with Studnicni hora peeking out behind them.

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Modry dul Valley

3. View from Vyrovka Chalet to Modry dul Valley

Beautiful views are offered from Vyrovka chalet – one of Spindleruv Mlyn to the west, the other of Modry dul valley to the east. Whichever direction you choose you will be satisfied. Modry dul is a valley, 2.5 km in length, which has maintained its unique charm. It is also a place of frequent avalanches and the snow here often melts only at the beginning of summer. In the summer the path in its upper parts is closed for conservation reasons. The beautiful view is framed by Ruzova mountain on the left, Cerna mountain on the right and Penkavci hill with Rychory in the middle.

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Krakonos Viewing Point

4. Krakonos Viewing Point

A breath-taking view of the Kozi hrbety ridge can be enjoyed from the Krakonos viewing point on the red-marked tourist path called Stara Bucharova cesta from Lucni chalet to Spindleruv Mlyn. There used to be a road to the highest places of Kozi hrbety, which is closed today, mainly for security reasons. The Kozi hrbety ridge neighbours Zelezny hill, dominating the town of Spindleruv Mlyn. Beyond it, the upper station of the Medvedin chair lift can be seen. You can also see Labsky dul valley, Snezne jamy, Vysoke kolo hill and the newly built Petrova chalet on the site of the original one, which burnt down in 2011. Directly over the edge of the ridge, the silhouette of the Jested hill with the TV tower is visible if the weather is good.

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View from the Hanc and Vrbata Monument

5. View from the Hanc and Vrbata Monument

Ascend from Zlate navrsi to the Hanc and Vrbata Monument and pay tribute to one of the most remarkable Krkonose stories. As a reward, you will have a unique view of Labsky dul valley, on the edge of which the Labska bouda building, so much discussed, can be found. Above that, the uniquely shaped peak of Violik hill can be seen, with the typical silhouette of the Wawel building on top of Snezne jamy to the right. The building features a TV and radio tower built in 1960. Snezne jamy is a nature reserve of two glacial corries, 215m in depth, with ravines in granite rock walls. Approximately halfway between Snezne jamy and Snezka, you can see the contours of the newly built Petrova chalet.

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Výhled z rozhledny Žalý

5. Z rozhledny Žalý

Jedna z nejstarších kamenných rozhleden v Krkonoších se nachází na vrcholu Žalý v nadmořské výšce 1019 m. Dnešní 18 m vysokou čtyřbokou rozhlednu, která je již třetí rozhlednou na tomto místě, nechal v roce 1892 postavit Jan Nepomuk hrabě Harrach. Z vyhlídkové plošiny rozhledny ve výšce 16,5 m, na kterou vede 89 schodů, je neomezený kruhový výhled, označovaný za jeden z nejlepších v Čechách. Přehlédnete Krkonoše od Sněžných jam až do Malé Úpy. Za dobré viditelnosti uvidíte i siluety Ještědu, Kozákova, Orlických či Jizerských hor, někdy dokonce i vrcholky pražských věží. 

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View of Kotel Mountain from the Skalka Hotel

6. View of Kotel Mountain from the Skalka Hotel

Kotel mountain reaches an altitude of 1435m a.s.l. and is the highest peak on the western ridge of the Krkonose in the Czech Republic. Its flat top and asymmetrical sides make it one of the most beautiful mountains in the Krkonose. On the southeast, it neighbours Velke Kotelni jamy and Male Kotelni jamy, glacial corries with a rich occurrence of mountain vegetation. To the left is Lysa hora mountain, 1344m a.s.l. Its top is covered in dwarf pine growth and clear cuts where rare plant species occur, and is therefore inaccessible for the public.

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View from the Statue of St. Joseph above Sklenarice

7. View from the Statue of St. Joseph above Sklenarice

One of the most picturesque views of the western part of the Krkonose can be found near the Baroque statue of St. Joseph above the village of Sklenarice. From there, the region between the Lysa hora, Kotel and Snezka mountains can be seen. The village of Sklenarice was established around the oldest glass foundry in Eastern Bohemia. Its perhaps most well-known personality was Venceslav Metelka, the writer and assistant teacher whose diaries inspired the writer K. V. Rais to write his novel ‘Lost Patriots’.

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