Fall in Velka Upa

Autumn is magical in the Krkonose Mountains, come and see

Let's welcome one of the most beautiful times of the Krkonose year. The hills and valleys are calm and under a warm blanket of heather they are breathing a sigh of relief after the summer onslaught.

Now is the right time to go hiking

The days are still long enough, the temperatures are pleasant, the huts are open and the cable cars are running. Walk through the golden incense meadows, whose wet and sunny places are decorated with the emblematic plant of the Krkonose Mountains, the gentian. Out of the mist and grey, climb up to the sun-drenched ridges coloured with purple heather. Gaze at the white sea below you and turn your face to the ever-warming rays of the sun. 

This is the fairy tale that autumn in the Krkonose Mountains writes!



Horní Malá Úpa

Eastern Krkonose Mountains - under the supervision of Snezka

How about Mala Upa? The village on the border with Poland will enchant you with its peace, clean nature, picturesque cottages and animals grazing in the lush meadows.

Children will enjoy the Fairy Tale Trail with stories by Marie Kubatova and the creative workshop Nadechni se, where they can make a tin cup for mountain water from the well. 

Mala Upa is also a great starting point for a hike to Snezka, you can choose several options. 

You shouldn't miss the Trautenberk brewery with its great beer of the same name and many goodies to go with it. We also recommend the mountain chalet Hradecanka with excellent Italian cuisine and quality wines.

Are you planning to climb Snezka from Pec? Autumn is the perfect time! The Obri Dul Mine is beautiful at any time of year, and in autumn it will be almost empty. You won't have to stand in long queues for the cable car and you can enjoy the views at the top without the crowds behind you. Will you walk down past the Lucni bouda Chalet? A boardwalk will lead you to it through the brown-golden Upa peat bog and the smell of blueberry pies. 

But you can also start from Portasky. A chairlift will take you to them and if you are going with children, you can enjoy the Pecka Playing Landscape and the excellent Krkonose cuisine at the Portasky Mountain Chalet together. You can also stay here and experience autumn romance on the Krkonose ridges.

A light walk through the valuable area associated with the name of Vaclav Havel is a trip through the Hradecek Nature Park near Mlade Buky. The cottage of the former Czech president stands below the ruins of Brecstejn Castle, surrounded by a beech forest that will soon turn red. The start of the route is at the Grund Resort, where you should be sure to stop for a delicious meal or coffee in the restaurant with an amazing view.

Above Klinovy Boudy Chalets

Central Krkonose Mountains - all the ridges within easy reach

The drive along the Elbe from Vrchlabi will already be a wonderful colourful experience. There are two chairlifts in Spindleruv Mlyn. From their upper stations, there are educational playful trails and of course many hiking trails, you just have to choose which peak to climb. How about going from Medvedin to the Kotelni jamy? They look impressive in autumn colours. 

If you want to do without the cable car, we recommend the Harrachova cesta Trail - the oldest hiking route in the Krkonose Mountains. Follow the Labe River to the Labsky Dul Mine and watch its meanders wind through the landscape from the Labska bouda Chalet. Follow the Mumlava river down to Harrachov. Whether you try the whole route or just part of it, you'll find unique places, roaring rivers and roaring waterfalls.

If you want to stretch your legs, try this beautiful, but challenging, route. From Vrchlabi, it will take you to Dolni Dvur to the unique chimes at St. Joseph's Church. The long climb through Rennerova boudy ends at the former Klinovka, where you can sleep for a while and reward yourself with a view of the Klinovy brook valley. Afterwards, a pleasant path lined with blueberries will lead you to Friesovy boudy Chalets. A great place, with excellent cuisine and its own Fries beer. We can also highly recommend the accommodation. From Friesovky you can run down to Strazne, from where you can take a bus back to Vrchlabi.

All about the route

Výhled od sochy sv. Josefa

Western Krkonose - from the valley of Jizera and Mumlava river to the peaks

The picturesque town of Vysoke nad Jizerou is the right place for a peaceful autumn walk. Enjoy views in all directions that never get old. Whether you go to the Marinkuv kriz Cross, the statue of St. Joseph in Sklenarice or other recommended places, you will see the colourful panoramas that only the Krkonose Mountains offer.

Where to go for the most beautiful view

The Pojizersky Pacifik is a local railway line winding along the Jizera River on the route Martinice v Krkonosich - Rokytnice nad Jizerou. It takes you through the western Krkonose Mountains and allows you to watch the landscape outside your window in peace. Board the train in Martinice and park your car comfortably. The building and the whole station area will take you back to the past, when steam engines ran around and soot dust swirled in the air. The local Railway Museum will tell you why the station is unique and what hasn't changed since the last century.

The train in the direction of Rokytnice departs every two hours (always at odd hours). Get off in Jablonec nad Jizerou and follow the old Krkonoše paths to Paseky nad Jizerou - the land of The lost Patriots.

Where to go to see The Lost patriots

All about the Pojizersky Pacifik line

Did you know that the Krkonose Mountains are part of the Crystal Valley? This 70-kilometre-long straight line weaving between mountain massifs is a unique heritage, a place where unique nature meets passion for glassmaking tradition and craft. In our highest mountains, two places are connected with this tradition - the Harrachov Glassworks and Rautis in Ponikla.

In Harrachov, after visiting the glassworks, be sure to go to the Mumlava waterfall and see how the riverbed and the surrounding forests turn autumn colours. You can continue on to the Krakonos's breakfast.

Whether you choose a day trip, a long weekend or spend the whole autumn holidays with us, you will not regret it! There are more than enough tips for a trip. But don't forget warm, functional and waterproof clothing, the autumn weather is changeable and treacherous. 

Další články

Relaxation also belongs to free days! Include it in your program here in the Krkonose Mountains. You will still enjoy the mountain fairy tales and the distant views will not escape.
Choose the highest mountains in Bohemia for your winter holiday. The Krkonose Mountains offer stable snow cover, resorts without crowds and mountains of experiences, even if you're not into skiing. They offer a harsh climate and a friendly face. Come and see for yourself!
The ski runs in the Krkonose rank among the best in the country. They are the longest, well-groomed, and the facilities provide modern equipment for all your comfort.