Rautis, Poniklá

To See Glittering Beauty in Ponikla


A somewhat different trip in the Krkonose, on which you won’t ascend the ridges even though there will still be some climbing. You will wonder about Ponikla and your destination will be to see unique glass bead decorations, which will delight you as well as your children. And what about trying to make these decorations with your own hands!

Ponikla, train station  – take the yellow-marked tourist path – turn right across the pedestrian bridge across the river Jizera – turn left and continue on the main road some 300 m – turn right before the post office – go uphill along the Ponikelsky brook – after 600 m, keep right – continue left along the main road and the K8 cycle trail – turn left at the Memorial for Tulackova common – Rautis factory – Museum of Krkonose Crafts and back

  • Trip length: 5 km
  • Points of interest: Rautis factory – glass bead decorations – the Museum of Krkonose Crafts – children’s and water playground near the school
  • Refreshments: Kantyna Ponikla bar, U Roubenky refreshments - Nad veci shop
  • Transport: Take a train on the Martinice v Krkonosich – Rokytnice nad Jizerou route.
  • Parking: Near the train station in Martinice v Krkonosich
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The Jizera Pacific is the name used for the railway line from Martinice v Krkonosich to Rokytnice nad Jizerou. It runs along the River Jizera valley and is a popular tourist attraction, as it allows you to plan various trips from the stations on the line.



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