Museum of Krkonose Crafts

Museum of Krkonose Crafts


Most of the museum’s exhibits, totalling almost 700 now, originated in Ponikla and its vicinity. The following activities are shown in the museum: working with corn and hay, wire binding, manufacture of Christmas decorations from blown glass beads, shoemaking, linen working, joinery, a small pub, old toys, a small room with contemporary equipment and many other exhibits. You can also buy a tourist mark in the museum, together with many souvenirs reminding you of the Krkonose area.

Car parking is available in front of the museum. Buses can use the space in front of Ponikla’s primary school, approx. 100 m away from the museum.


Poniklá 156
512 42 Poniklá
50.6623094N, 15.4666319E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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