Jilemnice is a town with tradition, one that welcomes tourists and, most importantly, one of the few towns in the highest Czech mountains that has maintained its historical appearance. You are welcome to see the main square in Jilemnice with the historical townhall, the Krkonose Museum, situated in the palace of the House of Harrach not far from the main square, ‘Curious Lane’, the church of St. Lawrence and many other places in this picturesque town. Not only Jilemnice but also its surroundings attract visitors.

The town of skiing, biathlon and Jaroslav Havlicek

Jilemnice is the place where the first ever ski association was established, and is rightly called the cradle of Czech skiing. Its history can be explored in the Krkonose Museum. Downhill and cross-country skiing and biathlon are still the most important sports here, as you can learn in the Hrabenka multi-sports facility where new talents are trained every day. The locals Jaroslav Soukup and Veronika Vitkova brought back two medals from the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Jilemnice is also inseparably linked to the personality and creative work of the writer and playwright Jaroslav Havlicek, for whom the town was the most important source of inspiration.

Historical town with the most diligent clock in Europe

The most interesting parts of the town can be seen when you follow the Jilemnice Known and Unknown Trail. It will take you past historical sights as well as other pleasant locations. You can’t miss the Krkonose Museum in the Jilemnice Palace, Curious Lane (Zvedava ulicka) – a collection of timbered rural houses, and the church of St. Lawrence.

Jilemnice also has an artefact which is very rare in Europe – it has a repeating chime clock in the townhall tower. The chimes have a charming sound and are also quite practical: you can determine the time every quarter of an hour without having to look at the dial. At first the small chime is heard to announce the quarter hour. After that the medium chime beats the hour. On the hour the big chime also rings out and repeats the hours count with strong sounds. A total of 1020 chimes per day can be heard, a European record for one clock.

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